His & Hers

In the early days of planning to get married, my husband and I found so many things that said his & hers. Some of them were pretty crazy. Other things, well, they made sense.

We still didn’t buy any of them.

  • Not monogrammed towels, bathrobes or handkerchiefs.
  • Not throw pillows or pillow cases.
  • Not even, coffee mugs – though we both have our “favorites” that we choose in the morning – no matter who gets up and makes the coffee first (him, most of the time.)

What you don’t think about is the stuff you can’t buy in stores, online nor able to have monogrammed.

The more you spend time together, sharing your life, having your children together…you share them with each other’s families. There is no way to separate the past, the memories and the moments you have shared.

The families also become one; they are less about his & hers, and more about being yours. Together, forever…until death do us part…and that is the part of life, love and marriage that they don’t tell you will be so hard.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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