Here or There

No matter where you live, here or there, the locals always have their own:

  • team (I won’t judge, I’m a transplant – and no one but New Yorkers like the Yankees…)
  • favorite mascot (the Phanatic is kind of cute, but the other one, wellllll… he’s weirder than strange.)
  • name of their favorite foods (around here it is hoagies, pretzels and water ice.)
  • restaurants or stores (Wawa, Rita’s, or Wegman’s – we can’t say Wannamaker’s anymore they left years ago.)
  • beer (The Vault obs.)
  • place to go for vacation (the mountains or the shore unless you can really, really get away.)

But where you grew up, it might have been different.

Soda becomes pop, hoagies are subs (or blimpies), water is wooder, the shore becomes the beach, the mountains are called the lake, and beer, well – beer is beer, but it might just be craft vs. the traditional, mass produced brewery.

No matter where you live, here or there, it is home – even if you and your kids call them different things based on where each of you actually grew up.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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