Here Comes The Sun

Today, the choir sang one of our favorite winter songs and then followed it with The Beatles, “Here Comes The Sun” and it was – indeed – a beautiful day!

The Cold and Fugue season was first, and it seemed like it was never, ever – ever, going to end. Someone, somewhere was always sneezing, coughing and asking for tissues. We went through lots of tissues. Puffs and Kleenex should be happy, but even they probably need a break. 

Today we think that we have finally had what is the last snow of the season; and here comes the sun. Now, we can look forward to the rest of spring turning into summer. We’ll get some new sunglasses, some tunes and a fresh pair of sneakers to wear with jeans, all of which are perfect for summer nights, sparklers and kids laughing while we relax around the firepit.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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