Help Desk Needs Help

It seems like it is a problem when your help desk needs help.

Like, an actual, real dilemma when the techy, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people have a problem.

No option to be walked through step by step.

Start with rebooting the system.

Then, clear the cache.

I am kidding. Those are not the steps.

There are however steps to follow. Once you have gone through them all, but it is still not working right. There has to be a next level.

Turns out, perhaps that it is an even bigger problem. This is more than an IT issue. It is more of an HR issue.

Yes, there are people to call, but they have a queue, too. Because, even the help desk needs help sometimes… and, as it turns out, there are even less people to help them, so that they can help you. You are number 6 in the line.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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