Healthy and Delicious

We try oh, we try to make meals and to buy snacks that are both healthy and delicious, but honestly, it’s hit or miss.

We love french fries, burgers – or the Philly alternative – The Cheesesteak. We enjoy cookies, candy and ice cream.

I am not just talking about us, my family, right here in “River City” – I am talking about all Americans. While some of you are much (much) better than others, our diet is reproachful to the world around us. After years of creating manufacturing miracles, we are a byproduct of what we created. And yes, we love it so very much.

Sometimes however, if you keep it simple, you can do better.

Today, a sample snack came in our Hello Fresh! box;  yup, we are back to that as we are back to school with less time all around. The sample snack square had nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. What’s not to like, right? Sounds like GORP, only not. Certainly not as visually appealing and not quite as yummy.

GORP is one of those 1970s healthy foods that probably isn’t so very much healthy, but it isn’t outright sugary, salty, or fried. For an easy-to-make-at-home snack it is simply delicious.

Just take those good ole raisins and peanuts – if you want to get fancy, throw in some dark chocolate – you don’t even have to make it into a snack square – it is much better and certainly more healthy and delicious than whatever it was that came out of a box, in a package and shaped like a square.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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