Healthier Is Not Better

They do so well at the marketing for the new lines of all natural products, but much of the time, healthier is not better.

While I truly admire the brands like Burt’s Bees, Tom’s of Maine and Kiss My Face… I don’t always like their “healthier versions” of their solution for every day products.

Some of the lotions don’t smell all that great. The toothpaste is both pasty and not as minty as you’d really want. Kiss My Face – well, probably my fault for picking that stinky Patchouli, but I’m definitely thinking the non-aluminum option is better.

All in all, the companies do a terrific job at getting their products in the main stream markets, but they have some ways to go until they work as well as the “not healthy” options. Just my opinion, of course, as I try to be healthier…I just want them to also be better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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