Happy Father’s Day 2019

It is totally a great day to celebrate the dads in our lives, so we have to wish them all a Happy Father’s Day 2019.

  • You helped them with homework and assembling things.
  • You taught them how to shave their mustache and reminded them the fuzzy upper lip wasn’t nearly as cool as they thought it was before they went out to school.
  • You cheered them on, whether they got the goal, won the challenge, earned the solo…or not.
  • You made them pancakes and bacon and whipped cream.
  • You explained how to build a fire then showed them how, too.
  • You let them sleep in and stay home from school (even when mom thought they should have gone.)
  • You were there for them when they needed a pep talk or a talking to about what just happened.
  • You read to them until they fell asleep or you did.
  • You watched movies and TV shows and didn’t make fun of the ones that weren’t at least a 7 out of 10.
  • You reminded them to be the best they could be and to be there for each other.
  • You reached higher and lifted them up to pick apples, catch spiders and snagged that balloon before it floated away.
  • You laughed with them (and sometimes at them) teaching them that laughter is always the best, but a smile is a nice alternative.
  • You played video games with them and helped them overcome life’s obstacles, too.
  • You bandaged them and kept mom from fainting.
  • You saved the day so many times, we can’t count that high.
  • You hugged them even when they didn’t want a hug, thinking they’d just be miserable.
  • You welcomed them into their life and have been there every single day since then.

All those things and more are what we remember and know that we have to wish you a Happy Father’s Day 2019…and a Happy Day every day forward. We couldn’t have done it without you and we love you so much.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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