Halloween Costume Ideas

Each year, coming up with Halloween costume ideas is not difficult.

The usual options:

  • cat
  • bat
  • witch
  • ghost
  • soccer/football/baseball player
  • scary mask with jeans and a flannel shirt
  • a hobo

The unusual, thoughtful concepts:

  • A Freudian Slip (not my idea, but a good one none-the-less)
  • God’s gift to the world
  • The German Measles, aka Rubella
  • The Lone Asparagus (thank you Carol Burnett and The Muppets)
  • A lonely Tweet
  • The devil and an angel (at the same time)
  • A bad egg

Then there are the:

  • Trending movie characters
  • The things you can’t do anymore without being inappropriate
  • A rock star
  • The “R-rated” version of any normal, every day professional.
  • A movie star
  • A video game character
  • Or, an idea that is so out of trend that no one will know who you are (even after you explain it).

Sure, coming up with a few Halloween costume ideas is easy compared to the execution of said ideas. Good luck to you as your kids think of them in the coming couple of days…it’s been October for a whole month (nearly) already. They could have told you sooner, right? (As someone not so politely told me once – “this holiday is the same day of the month every year, how could you not be ready?”) This is how. Just like this.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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