Goldilocks Was Right

You may not like the ideals she lived by, you may not like how she broke into the three bear’s home – and let’s not even get into what she did to Little Bear’s chair…but setting all of that aside, Goldilocks was right.

She wanted it the way she wanted it.

  • Not too soft. Not too hard.
  • Not to small. Not too tall.
  • Not too hot and not too cold.

Now, with three kids, I have to say, I have been getting communications from three different school organizations.

  • From one it is too much, too often. (I have tuned them out. They have cried wolf one too many times…maybe, if I am allowed to mix my fairy tale metaphors.)
  • From another it is too little, too infrequent. (I look and never find it. It’s just not available.)
  • From the other, well, they are just about perfect. (I see summaries and a minor repeat of the highlights; but it is easy to read and they are in touch regularly without over doing it.)

This last one is not making me ignore their over-communicative, repetitive and redundant e-mails. Nor, leaving me begging for answers on what they’re doing.

It’s nearly August and it’s been almost five months. It’s not like they shouldn’t have been focused on this for weeks by now.

Throughout your life, you should strive to get what you want…and when you get it, maybe you will also believe that Goldilocks was right. For now, I will just allow for the fact that three might be the magic number, or that you need more than one or two to get a good average. Oh, and I am sure it will come as no surprised that a mama bear will always protect her cubs.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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