Gnome on Holiday

At this time of year, there are a lot of people off from work, out of the office. Hopefully, they are gnome on holiday.

Or going…anyway.

Like we were.

Until life (or death) gets in the way.

It is time to celebrate memories, remember all of the good times. Think about what could have been, without lamenting the past.

Someday, we will (truly) honor his memory and go to his home town, where his family grew up.

We’ve heard it is so lovely, we can’t resist the lure of cousins, legacy, wine, the church and Italy. Especially in the smallest of small towns, which is made perfectly complete with a street named after you.

Then, we will be gnome on holiday and I am one hundred percent certain that we will not want to come back. Sometimes you even have to wonder why they came here in the first place, but we never have to regret it, because our lives would never have been the same; without you…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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