Gives You Lemons

When a good friend gives you lemons – you decide that you have to savor the moments, and together is the best way.

There are so many options…

from lemonade, to Limoncello.

lemon bars (grandmother’s recipe, of course.)

lemon spritzers, with white wine or chilled vodka (maybe both) or neither, depending on the occasion.

hmmm – how about zested into pasta with shrimp, fresh chopped parsley and garlic, or, maybe dried and sugared for enjoying later in other special desserts, for really special occasions.

The last longer than so many other fruits and are versatile beyond measure.

Tart as they may be, having a friend to help you is ideal, because there are too many times when life gives you lemons. You need to know how to handle it, and who you can call on to be there.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS When a friend gives you Pompelmocello, that’s good too – but maybe even better.

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