Get Engaged

It is nice to get engaged, as in “about to be married”. But, before that happens, you have to connect with and care for the other person.

A lot.

More than anyone else.

Just like when you are really interested in something important.

Something that will impact your life forever, for the better.

In childhood, it could be a sport, or science, or building things. Becoming passionate and somewhat obsessed (in a good way) about the subject.

It can lead you to a career or a life long hobby – something that makes you happy.

Worth spending 10,000 hours becoming an expert at doing it.

In marriage, that kind of mastery of knowing how to live with your spouse is just over 3 years of a “work day’s hours” spent together. Yet, some never get there.

I’m not judging, it isn’t easy – but it is worth it.

I’m well past that, but I’m still working at perfecting it. I am also definitely advocating that people get engaged – if not to someone, then – in something that makes you smile, challenges you to be better and makes the days go by in a general state of happiness. All we have is time and making the best use of it is why it is worth living.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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