Future Me

Somehow, if this is the only way, thinking of “future me” having to deal with something, right then and there, then I am okay with it. It really is a great motivator.

All I have to do is think about the next 5 minutes, the next day, or the next week when it won’t be easy, comfortable or the very opposite of annoying.

  • Drop something – pick it up.
  • Take it off inside out – turn it right side out.
  • Finish something – go buy more.
  • Mess it up – clean it up.
  • Empty something – fill it.
  • Enjoyed that moment of folding down the covers to go to bed – be sure to make it back up in the morning.
  • Undo something – redo it.

The funny thing is, that in many ways, this motivation works best for future me. Not my kids’ future. Go figure. If only parenting were as simple as understanding what bothers you and fixing it (for yourself.) It is worth making sure that they see the benefits, too. That is the hard part. (Maybe this is my lesson to learn, too.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Not complaining, just an interesting observation a mere week or so after school is done for the year.

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