Forgotten Again

What if you go to a restaurant and they forget to give you one of your items; then, you go back only to have the same item forgotten again? Maybe it is something else, not the dressing on the side, salad or the appetizer. Maybe it isn’t even a restaurant who did it.

  • Would you go back?
  • Would you trust them?
  • Would you forgive them if they are the best in the area?
  • Would you still recommend them to others?
  • Would you take the extra 2 minutes, holding up the line to check your order?

We have patience for this because you want to give them another chance. Also, they are the best, most convenient and have the variety everyone likes. But, when the the same place, or the same people have forgotten again and again, you may lose faith. You might need to start looking elsewhere or take matters into your own hands. Otherwise, you will be without fries – which let’s be honest – you can handle. However, when they fail to feed your kids that might be the last straw.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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