For the Children

Some people may think that the Christmas season is for the children…but I beg to differ.

Of course, they are excited – some more than others – for Santa to deliver toys to all the good little girls and boys*.

The anticipation of the season, the break from school, the promise of a white Christmas, the idea and then the actual days of seeing cousins, aunts, uncles and loving grandparents.

I think buying presents, wrapping, decorating the tree, making the house festive and full of joy is the better side of that equation. Even though, for most of us adults, it is a busy time of year, balancing work and personal commitments – not to mention the choir schedules, the end of the semester exams and awards for fall team successes – trying to be everywhere that work, clients and friends ask you to be…

It is all worth it.

When we think back, what do we remember of our holidays?

As a kid it was most definitely the cookies, the presents and the mystery of it all. As an adult, it is so much more than just making it memorable for the children, it is being able to share your traditions with them, taking pictures, recording their excitement (and watching those home videos for years to come – loving every minute of their little voices – lest we forget.) It is the season, for everyone to have fun, but I think it is the adults who absolutely have won.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

*(Pretty sure that is a quote, but it did not come up in my online search…the rhyming came from somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind. So, thank you to whomever wrote it first.)

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