Follow Up and Check In

It is always good to follow up and check in on people you know.

  • New mom / dad.
  • When something bad is happening.
  • Someone who just got out of the hospital.
  • A friend who is living in a new home (city/apartment/dorm).
  • Parents who have a kid of theirs just off to college. (Even if it is “again”.)
  • Or, even, they have a kid home from college and it is “temporary” for the semester break, or the new grad coming back to save money.
  • Someone who has a new job.
  • In the event they have had a really bad day, week, month…or year.

No matter what you think.

  • “Oh, they’re ok.”
  • “I don’t want to be a bother.”
  • “They don’t want to hear from me…”
  • “I will reach out next week.”
  • “I think they are away.”
  • “I think they just got back.”
  • “I have not spoken to them in ages.”
  • “The last time I talked to them they were annoyed with me.”
  • “Will they even remember me?”

Just go with your gut.

  • Send a text.
  • Send an e-mail.
  • Make a call.
  • Stop by.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Don’t stop until you connect.

It is always the right thing to do. Follow up and check in. They will definitely appreciate knowing that you care.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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