Finding Memories

Earlier today, I spent a while – maybe over an hour – finding memories to share online in honor of Father’s Day. It took longer than I’d thought it would, but I was working on the iPad, not the laptop, so the ease of finding pictures is hindered by a lack of sorting and tagging of my photos.

It’s all my fault.

I have failed to tag and label and sort according to names, events and places we have been.

However, family members have done wonderful things – finding memories in boxes, in albums and in envelopes with film negatives – then, sorting, labeling and sharing them with all of us. They have made it so simple to find that perfect moment in time – the one that we can only remember because of being there – talking about it and remembering fondly those days’ past. May we have many more moments ahead…and document them accordingly.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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