Find What You Want

When you find what you want

  • you stop looking
  • you try to keep it
  • you ask for that same thing again and again
  • you share the news about it
  • you tell others where to find it too
  • you become happy
  • you are completely satisfied
  • you feel like you are ready to take on the world

Looking for the sun can be a daily goal. Then, the sun comes out and you become complacent, accustomed to it, and take it for granted…until it leaves you for days, even weeks at a time.

Seeking happiness can be something to look forward to each day as well, with many options for success. Finding contentedness doesn’t mean that you should stop looking…stop wanting, let alone stop setting your sights on what’s next; mapping out new things.

The trick is to decide whether or not you want to keep thinking of new things…to want, or if you are better off with selecting new things to do and to accomplish.

You are free to decide to go through the process to find what you want, over and over and over again. It is all on you. However, when that thing is not a thing at all, but is instead, the perfect person…your one true love, your soulmate; you stop looking and you just gaze in amazement.  When that is the case, you say thank you. You say I love you. Then, you do everything you can to keep him (or her, but in my case…Him.) His name is Mike.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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