Fill The Void

No matter what happens, we, as humans need to fill the void. Whether it is an empty store,  a spot in the cupboard that used to hold food – speaking of food – maybe it is a grumbling belly after realizing you haven’t eaten in hours.  Hopefully, just hours of not eating rather than days…so perhaps, it to help where there is need. It is in our nature.

We help people when we see someone in trouble.

We reach into our pantry or our wallet and we donate food, money, gift certificates. Especially at this time of year when no one should have to brave the upcoming winter without adding on a few extra layers to make it through the colder weather. Tonight we received a reminder about a food drive at school. With 2700* (give or take) students. Just one item per student will make a serious difference.

However, one good deed is never enough.

Even for things as superficial as waiting patiently when someone else can’t come up with the words to convey what they mean – if we know how to wait, we wait – at the very least, we pause. If nothing comes, we just jump right in there and start staying options of what they might mean. We really should let them finish their thought, finding the right words for what they mean. Then, they can say what is on their mind and not on ours.

I know. It’s hard.

It is certainly tougher than Match Game, which is essentially cliches and innuendo. This is train of thought, stream of consciousness, you may have be totally in sync with someone emotionally, intellectually or socially to accurately guess what they mean.

Minor dilemmas are just that. Minor.

We “need” to get new furniture. Our broken in, comfy couch and chaise couldn’t take it any longer. We replaced it with chairs, but they turned out to be an interim solution and now they’re gone. Looking to make the right decisions and not leap too soon.  I mean, the holidays are coming and we will have guests who want to sit in our living room. Perhaps we should measure to make sure we don’t choose pieces which are too big for the space.

Oh, what to do?

What should be done, in all of the cases listed above is to resist the urge to just fill, with junk, with a guess, or an easy, insignificant replacement for what was once there and is no longer. If you find you have extra time – try to do nothing – or something you have been waiting to do. That would be really, really wonderful, wouldn’t it?

In the moment in time when a spark, pulls at the free oxygen in the atmosphere and combines to become energy in form of a flame, there is empty space. The instantaneous vacuum is filled – by science, by physics or probably the chemical reaction – I am not sure exactly.  I do however, feel vindicated somewhat that  we just can’t help trying to fill that space.

It is in our “nature” and we must do it.

My “guess” that I shared in this blog yesterday after a brief conversation, was a retail consignment shop relocating and moving into our little shop around the corner. Today, there is a legitimate “For Rent” sign. Maybe – just maybe – there isn’t someone waiting to go into that space and fill the void left behind when a business moves out.  Oh, but I do hope that there is.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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