Fill The Void

What do you do to fill the void.

Time on your hands? Take up a hobby, read a new book, re-organize the house, write a book, start a podcast…

Feeling hungry? Have a snack, make a gourmet meal and nibble on the ingredients as you cook, or just have a cookie (you still have some right?)

Tree is (finally) gone or maybe you had old furniture that you donated? Time to add something new to the space.

Friends moved to Florida or always working? Make new ones, reach out to others, spend more time getting to know your newest colleague (who might have joined the team in 2020 – better late than never) and remember, the family could always use a few more hours with you just hanging out, playing games and enjoying each other’s company.

Whatever you experience, or how you choose to fill the void, make it fun, exciting and new. Winter can be a bit of a bore*, so make it the best it can be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS *Winter – not my favorite season, at least in IMHO.

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