Fighting Over the Dishes

If you grew up with at least one sibling, you probably spent countless nights fighting over the dishes.

As the oldest, I was allowed the choice of what I preferred to do:

  • wash,
  • dry, or
  • put away.

As if those were actually “choices” but, none the less, washing was always best. It was done first; not that I could leave the kitchen before everything was done, though.

All in all, somehow, all that time with my siblings in the kitchen had some kind of calming effect and whenever I wash dishes now, it is very soothing, relaxing and a mindless way to just reflect on the day – what went badly and what went well. Preparing always for tomorrow with a clean slate (or a clean plate, I guess…)

Looking back on our fighting over the dishes – essentially means that we argued about how unfair it was that I always got to wash… until I was 11 and spent my summer in Arizona…when I was no longer the oldest – and ugh, yes – I had to dry. However, we did all figure out how to work together. Maybe that was my parents’ plan all along – or maybe they were just exhausted and didn’t want to do the dishes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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