Everyone Loves A Parade

Is it true, even with the traffic, the road closures and no seating available at your favorite coffee shop, that everyone loves a parade?

The marching band, the Boy and Girl Scouts, the fire trucks and proud firemen, the mummers and bag pipers (who apparently got frightened away by the weather this year – they were missed for sure), the youth groups from Poppy Girls to karate demo teams and gymnasts.  Let us not forget the Veterans, the very reason for all the hoopla and flag waving and clapping – we mustn’t ever forget.

All of these proud people, showcasing Americana at its most local community level and our neighborhood as spectators, proud participants and supporters.

The red, white and blue…

I do hope that it’s true.

It is such a part of our childhood and the threat of rain had me a bit down…until they announced it was ON! I do hope with all of my childhood joy and wonder, how I hope that everyone loves a parade!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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