Even After You Graduate

Even after you graduate, you should keep learning new things. It doesn’t just stop…it’s a process.

Of course a lot of “book learning” is based on things people have learned from the past, but not everything was that way…after all with out new developments we wouldn’t have:

  • Calculus (or, the space program)
  • Thermodynamics (or, air conditioning and so much more)
  • Automobiles (or, self-driving cars…I’m getting ready for this)
  • Internet (or, the ability to share these thoughts each day)
  • Cell phones (or, mobile phones whatever term you prefer)
  • Pluto as a planet (or, not)
  • GPS (or, a talking interactive map)
  • Wine (or, beer or some other invented beverage you like)

Even after you graduate, you have an opportunity to learn, invent and even teach, among so many other things. Just keep an open mind and don’t get stuck thinking “at my age, I know everything I need to know”, because there is always something fun to find you want to know – even if it is something you might have already been taught.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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