Establishing Independence

The teenage years are not the first time kids start establishing independence. Though, as parents, it seems that they do start in earnest then, doesn’t it?

No, if you think back, it starts the moment a baby starts to crawl, then walk and pretty soon after, take off at a run.

It continues as they grow, age… learning to ride a bike, going to school, have a sleepover at a friend’s house. (Which then happens over and over again.)

They make new friends, leaving the childhood ones behind as they grow up, apart and finding new ones – the ones whose parents you don’t know – but they’re good and the decisions are right.

It doesn’t stop there…they go out, learn to drive, get a job and then, off to college.

Support them in this, guiding them as you can, because even after becoming an adult, they have to stay true to themselves and who they are meant to be.

Maybe, you can give them your insights and guidance as they find their way…but, at the same time take this same advice while you keep establishing independence…too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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