Early or Late

Are you someone who is always early or late?

Or, maybe you are recovering from one of those and becoming the other much to your own amazement; with all of the effort of one, and the sincere confusion about the other.

It is not something that (some) can help being. Maybe it is inherent, genetic or just habit – learned from an early age. Set by example.

Or, established through pressure.

Just on time with plenty to celebrate, especially when it comes to decorating – versus work or attending functions of some kind or another – it can be a direct result of trying to not be the latter for said work.

So, I ask. Is the Saturday after Thanksgiving too early or late? I guess it is late if you are the type who would rather be done on that post-Thanksgiving Friday morning. To each their own, but probably, somewhere in the middle is ideal.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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