Don’t Go Changing

This song isn’t even in my head… or it wasn’t anyway until I wrote out the title for this blog, but, it made sense to title this one don’t go changing“. Now I will be singing the song that shares those lyrics all night.

Things do change, things that we cannot control. Kids grow up. They become more serious when they were originally funny; more of a risk-taker when they were formerly hesitant, or they become less confident and shy when they used to be extroverted and bold.

Our family moves apart as they get older and the cousins have kids of their own; classmates move away; co-workers accept new roles in different cities.

If people don’t like how you behave, how you dress or the music you listen to all the time…that is their problem. Not yours. Unless, you don’t like it either.

People can change. They should change if they don’t like who they have become…but never ever change for someone else, just to please them.

As the song goes, don’t go changing to try to please me. I like you, just the way you are.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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