Doing what you want to do vs. what you think you should do

Doing what you want to do vs. what you think you should do is always a difficult choice.

If it’s between cleaning the house and going out to meet friends, it’s a no brainer – the house will wait, you and your friends will win. If it is attending a networking dinner when you’d rather be home with family for dinner, that is a more difficult choice. What if it is even more complicated than that? The career you develop today that will hopefully give you more time for family in the future? What if the business you create is something that you can do with your family?

Family vs. Career. Which generates success?

A never-ending debate. It’s a highly personal decision and pretty difficult for most people.

How much time should you spend on your career? If you spend too much time, what will you be giving up?  If you don’t spend ENOUGH time, what will you be unable to achieve?

I don’t have the answers, but I think that I have definitely improved from where I was 11 years ago and continuing to make the tough choices so that I will be more successful as time passes.

Whatever you decide, just make sure that you are moving in the right direction to meet your goals. Whatever they may be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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