Do You Want It?

How bad do you want it?

  • If you ask first, maybe it is your preference and you are the one who is most interested.

Do you work hard, learn as much you can, and ask a ton of questions?

  • If you are just curious, you might not really have a care, one way or the other.

Are you just having a little chat, getting to know something new? Maybe you can be swayed in one direction depending on how well the other person has studied the topic and how passionate they are.

  • If you have worked your entire life to get here, to this moment in this place, you are the one with the most to lose.

You have to put everything you have into this. Do you want it, bad enough to make this your entire life and focus 100% of your efforts on it? Only you can answer this and only you can make it happen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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