Do You Think It Was On Purpose

So. Do you think it was on purpose, or just a coincidence?

Maybe it was meant to follow best practices and it just seems like it was random. I am not sure, but sometimes, things just happen to work out.

The way you answered the question confidently and consistent with the question, even though you did not appear to be fully engaged and listening.

The menu item you ordered by accident that is now the favorite thing on the menu.

The arrival on time to the party that you didn’t even know was happening, or…did you?

The way parent-child relationships turn out – good, and not… sadly, bad.

The plan to get together that seemed so far away three months ago and now, is almost here and you did, indeed save the date.

The happenstance of meeting someone with whom you would not only connect, but fall in love and spend the rest of your life with them…

I just wonder about these things. Musing to myself, sometimes out loud and now to you…do YOU think it was on purpose, or did we just get here, because that is the way things are supposed to happen?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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