Deja Vu (Again)

Sometimes, you can have deja vu (again) and again…

  • The travel through airport security.
  • The overhead announcements the slightly amused TSA agent can repeat, in accent and tone, that he hears every 5 minutes for the entirety of his work day.
  • Dinner at the restaurant that is so consistent in their brand that you aren’t sure what city you are in, but with clues of tax rate and the local beer choices, otherwise identified by the location city listed on the receipt.
  • The reminders to keep your bags with you at all times and to report suspicious activities.
  • The process to pack and unpack and then repack your bag when they ask you to leave your – newly replaced, much smaller, but still somehow slightly bigger than the new smaller overhead bin – suitcase at the jetway because your laptop can’t go in the cargo.
  • Pre-flight safety instructions, complete with exaggerated face mask gesturing.

However, what isn’t deja vu (again) is when your seat mate changes in the 2 minutes it takes for you to bring your bag back off the plan, to be checked at the aforementioned jetway. The person sitting next to you doing a double take before inquiring “were you sitting here when I left?”

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl*

*Who is NOT a 62 year old balding, slightly overweight man completely overdressed for even a short airplane ride.

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