Deadline or Target Date

Maybe a bit of a deep thought topic for a Friday but do we really have a deadline or target date?

Or, are they more like guidelines.

Will the sale really end tomorrow if the sales target isn’t hit?

Will the enrollment time end exactly at 11:59PM or will they add time if no one signs up?

Will they sell the family dinner meals an extra day (or two) if no one orders on time?

Does the project implode if the work isn’t finished, or will the client understand the changes to the scope delayed the end date?

Some things are firm, but even taxes will be accepted late… you just have to pay a penalty or fee if you miss the date.

Few things in life have a firm deadline or target date. In life, you finish when you finish. Just remember, and don’t despair or lament being late…if you never started, your (even late) finish is better than the one that was never begun.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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