Create An Atmosphere

Restaurants work to create an atmosphere which is part of their image, complements their menu and corresponds to their pricing.

An Irish Pub typically has dark wood seating and paneling. The bar is a primary focus. The music is upbeat and lively.

The art on the walls blends in, going with the theme. Irish blessings, old license plates, Irish flags, Celtic dancers, Guinness and Harp signs. Even if it isn’t from the 1400’s or made of stone, you kind of feel like you are on the lush, green, Emerald Isle – especially when the weather cooperates with chilly, rainy, drizzle.

All of this works together to create an atmosphere that is friendly, comfortable and casual. Even more successful when the waiter has a fairly strong accent… That’s being fully dedicated to the overall experience for your customers. (It helps with tips, too – who can resist a deep Irish brogue?) Apparently, not the 6 tables of all women seen there tonight!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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