Colder In the City

It could be colder in the city, but not this year. Usually, it is warmer than the suburbs.

It makes sense. Physical traits. Density. Population.

  • More people.
  • More buildings.
  • More HVAC heat exchange.
  • More subways and underground utilities…

All generating warmth.

Just not enough for this winter because it is colder in the city than ever before…Luckily, they chose a southern city for the big football game, and not Chicago. Even in Atlanta this weekend, I bet it is colder than people thought it would be when they booked their travel. Still, stay away from the water’s edge. We saw frozen waterfalls today – one solid, beautiful scene – even though it is too cold for sightseeing unless you’re in a nice warm car, and far, far east of Chicago.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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