Chocolate and Blueberries

Some people might not think that chocolate and blueberries go together.

At all.

Some people may not think that they are even slightly related.

  • Maybe, they have never tried them together.
  • Maybe they are allergic to one or the other (or both.)
  • Maybe they don’t like the idea that anything other than dried grapes could be good when covered with chocolate.
  • Maybe, they prefer brown over blue…even though they really go nicely together.
  • Maybe, we are not actually talking about fruit or berries, dried, fresh or otherwise and we are actually talking about an associative color.

Chocolate brown. Blueberry blue.

Maybe we are getting healthier…that’s it. Yes. More antioxidants. More vitamins. More fiber…because most people need more of that.

Whatever the issue, reason or perspective – we apparently like both chocolate and blueberries, just not at the very same time. With us, it is an either or choice.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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