Can’t Stand The Heat

If you can’t stand the heat…go to the kitchen.

Or, wherever in your house it is cooler and by that I mean, a place where it is cool enough to think straight.

This summer is like all others. We have our hot days and our even hotter ones. We have too much rain, or not enough. We have days when we work too long and others when we dilly dally and make the most of summer schedules. We enjoy the kids at home, but get tired of them being bored. We want them to have fun, but … to leave us enough band-width to do what we need to do.

It is time for a vacation and by that I mean a break from the humidity and excessive heat warnings. I definitely am having trouble and can’t stand the heat…but, if I think about the super cold, sub-freezing temps of January and February, I think I can endure a few more weeks like this.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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