Can You Go Back

Can you go back:

  • To a restaurant you loved on a date or your anniversary? (Ah, that Caesar salad from Lilly’s on the Canal or the French Silk Pie from Magnolia Cafe – alas, the latter is no longer open.)
  • To the store you shopped for the special gift in college, the place you’d never heard of it before you moved to Philly? (Now it’s a Macy’s, before that it was a Strawbridge’s and for ages before that it was Wannamaker’s.) It had 9 retail floors and still has it’s wonderful Christmas light show that they’veĀ  put on each season to entertain and draw in customers.
  • To the train station you’d commuted through countless times a decade or more ago? (Used to be called Market East, but now it’s Jefferson Station – but the conductor is still there, white haired now instead of salt & pepper gray he used to have.)
  • To the Trocadero, or the Troc as we called it? (For your teen daughter and her friend, a YouTuber concert called DigitTour – probably not so different than when you went for Modern Dance Wednesday nights out – in the 90s.)

Or, do you just move on and try the 3rd in a trio of “sister” restaurants, this one, just as amazing as the others.

Yes, to some places, you can go back – in life and in marketing. If it works and your customers keep coming to you, or buying from you, or visiting your place…and if they enjoy it just as much as they did 10, 20 or even 50 years ago…Then, you should go back.

When you do, smile and enjoy it – but be sure to love it for what it has become, not what it isn’t anymore.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Think of the hair styles, the products, the fashion – all coming back into today’s trends, with a minor twist or none at all.

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