Blank Slate

You can always go back to a blank slate…erase the chalk or white board, and start over.

  • Begin again.
  • Change the future.
  • Remove the parameters.
  • Redefine your new history.
  • Take a turn in a new direction.
  • Make up a new goal and a new dream.
  • It isn’t over and done with until you say it’s over.

Life is not a game, there is no score, you don’t have a referee, a judge, a director…unless those roles are played entirely by you.

Tabula rasa. The old theory that we humans all start with a blank slate with infinite potential to be whatever we want to be and whoever we choose to become. Even at 18, 27, or 45, and maybe even at 63 or 72 but, slightly less likely… Still, we can still choose to be open minded and see the world around us in a different light. We can even still choose to pursue that which we find interesting.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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