Back to Stress

Do not let back to school turn into back to stress.

It’s easy, but you can make the transition better if you stay focused, stay organized and stay open to the concept that things are different each and every year.

What happened last year, is over.

This school year is a whole new opportunity to help your children have the best year ever.

Don’t let them “get away” with procrastinating. It may be easier for you (as the parent) in the short term but remember what you have learned. Putting off till tomorrow what you (or your student/s) can do today is a mistake.

Help them break bigger, seemingly insurmountable tasks into smaller bits and manageable pieces.

Help them see the value of setting themselves up for success, planning ahead, and at least starting something that might take a day or two to do.

You know.

You’ve been there.

You can help!

As the “been there, done that” adult in this scenario, you have experienced so many things. But, it’s not all on getting them to focus.

Help yourself.

Follow your own advice.

Do what you know is right.

Get ready ahead of time and don’t wait until the last minute.

Buy lunch stuff that is easy to prep and your kids love. Get some fun treats to let them know you care and know what they like.

Ease their worries.

Listen to what happened in their day.

Share how they can get through it!

If you let things stack up, soon (if not happening already) you will be back to stress – but you can come back from this. Just apply the things you know already and bring them along with you on this journey to making this year awesome.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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