As Long As We Keep Moving

In most cases, people (like me) are ok in traffic as long as we keep moving.

Am I right?

If we stop. The frustration sets in.

It seems like it takes even longer, even if the stoppage clears the accident faster than people (not) politely taking turns to merge into one less lane than normal.

More cars. More people. Everyone struggling to get to their destination.

This last – oh eighteen months or so – feels a bit like an accident.

There are rubberneckers.

There are people tsk-tsking the ones who crashed – as if the word accident doesn’t imply that it wasn’t their fault.

There are people who exited and bypassed the whole thing by taking a different road altogether.

There are people who just sit there and stare, disbelieving and muttering to themselves about how they’re going to be so late.

There are the people who just say a prayer and hope that everyone – including the first responders – will be okay.

Then, there are the rest… who are hoping that this will be over soon and as long as we keep moving forward we will make progress and get through it with the least amount of stress, damage and worry.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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