Another Round

It’s that time of year, as we turn another round the sun together.

  • We celebrate as friends.
  • We make plans.
  • We think about what could be or what might happen.
  • We share stories.
  • We relive the past – even if just from the fall.
  • We exchange gifts.
  • We listen to and watch our children as they grow.
  • We have fun, we laugh, we learn.
  • We are different and live the life we want to live.
  • We try our best to make each other’s lives the best they can be.

Friends, who you know are there, even when you can’t see them is far more important then anything.

As we enjoy one more year – another round – we treasure our lifelong friends. Even when the time together is short, we know it is oh, so valuable and we accept what we can have…until we can see you again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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