Almost All Together

We are almost all together for the weekend – and it is time for dinner.

  • “What do you want to do?”
  • “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Ugh. The bane of every adult’s existence (ok, I exaggerate) but it is probably also not on the top 5 list of things that kids want to do either.

  • Pick what to eat.
  • Cook what it is that we are eating.
  • Or, even, pick the place where you are eating or ordering take out. Carry out. To go. (Whatever you call it.)

From my perspective, I guess, I don’t have a preference. I like pretty much anything (there are a few, very few exceptions) and I am just happy that we are almost all together – no play, no travel, no special events to attend – and we will be able to enjoy each other’s company for the evening. Time to turn off the work, turn off the laptop, turn off the brain and go have some fun. Cheers to Friday and tonight, no surprise, it’s pizza night.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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