All a Quiet Night

Years ago, in the town where we live, the local fire company drove through town, sirens wailing. It was Christmas Eve… As the daughter of a firefighter I would quickly wish all a quiet night. Get home safe. Hope everyone is OK.

Soon I learned it was fine – an annual tradition.

Santa sitting on the rescue truck. Riding through the streets. Waving to all.

Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas!

Now, years later, I know he’s coming.

We heard the sirens and see the lights. Around the block…here they come.

We look forward to seeing the neighbors and Santa, wishing them a Merry Christmas, too.

After that we all head back in, to hang our stockings, finish last minute wrapping and head to bed, but here I am, still wishing all a quiet night and so much more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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