A Tight Turn

One of my favorite, overheard sayings…a tight turn.

In this case – as in, turn around.

As in, landing really late at night and getting right back on the plane early the next morning.

Just enough time to catch a glimpse of the sun and have a large cup of coffee to go.

Or, even tighter than that, as in landing, emptying the plane and getting back up in the air again – if the initial flight was delayed – trying to make up the time by being super fast, efficient and of course, thorough, at the gate.

That takes everyone working in tandem, with the same idea and goal in mind. It might take saying please and thank you, too.

Overall, not impossible, but not easy to do.

You may have ideas on how to make a tight turn, enjoyable, or at least a little bit more bearable. (As in, plan extra time and take an extra day. If you can. If you can’t, do your best.) Be sure to take a moment, stop to take a breath, and do everything you can to enjoy the view. It will be there, whether you take the time to notice it or not.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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