A Little Upgrade

When there is just a little upgrade, you don’t think of the sunk costs when you say yes.

  • $10 to try the higher flight height, on top of the virtual skydiving you already paid more than you would think it cost to pretend skydive. (It was still totally worth it!)
  • $39 for the replacement band on top of the already crazy price for a watch you aren’t sure you want to wear; but you have realized you need to know what time it is – plus, you believe that you can make phone calls like Dick Tracy – which is a bonus. (The new band, however, is probably the only way you will wear it.)
  • $15 for the rest of the bottle of wine after you already paid $12 for a glass – something you could probably buy by the bottle at the wine store for less than the single glass. (Let’s face it, the second glass was a given on your Anniversary when you have a designated driver.)
  • $100 per month for the limited protection, extended warranty on your 36 month/36,000 normal warranty car. (Um, how limited? Very…well, then, I think not.)
  • $129 for free, priority shipping on your Prime Account…which used to be available for $99 and included same day delivery – even on a holiday. (They got us in and now we are hooked.)
  • $175 for shoes, $45 for a little handbag, $105 for an up-do, $42 for make-up, $28 for the lipstick to take with (and put in the little handbag) on top of the $495 dress for The Prom. (Not to mention the $120 ticket including food that they probably won’t eat…still, totally worth it for that smile and the memories.)
  • $6 for a bottle of water on the turnpike…a case was on sale at Staples for $4.99 when you got home. (Better than being dehydrated, we all know that is not pretty.)
  • $12 per day for WiFi – that you can’t actually even use for streaming video. (Cheaper than updating your plan for $25 per month since you’re gonna go over the limit this month.)

Some of these seem nominal, but you might not even think about it if you are on holiday, (or if there are totally valid reasons…)

Or, even on holiday do you second guess the things that seem like just a little upgrade once you realize you are spending more than you would think is normal, customary and reasonable to start. There is a basis, a bias and there are thresholds even if you are on vacation you might not think twice…but, at home, you probably do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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