A Little Excitement

Everyone…and every company…can use a little excitement every once in a while.

For life, it was the culmination of a month’s effort (and then some) for our Summer Stock babes, our immediate and extended family, too.

  • The drama
  • The shoes (or lack thereof)
  • Anything and everything Danskin & Capezio branded
  • Bobby pins (and actors playing parts named Bobby)
  • Hairspray and pin clips – more braids than I think I’ve ever braided in all the years I have been around long hair (mine and theirs included)
  • Make up, blenders, bronzers and highlighting – not to mention touch up lipstick (one shade darker than your natural lip color please)

In between, work. For some reason the timing culminating now – needing to update servers and mail clients – making an attempt to be better, more efficient and modern day secure. (Yet, somehow crashing, nearly deleting everything but, not actually doing so.)

  • The drama
  • The back up (which we had, whew!)
  • Apple and Microsoft (I know it is a contradiction, but it works)
  • WordPress, FTP sites and webhosts
  • USB drives, extra cables and pinch hitters stepping in to help
  • Last minute blogs, hitting deadlines for clients – even unexpected requests because when the opportunity arises, you have to jump

Yeah! We made it.

It’s one month with a little excitement – maybe less or more than usual – who knows. Why not, it’s the middle of the summer and what else would we be doing anyway?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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