A Little Closer

I think that being just a little closer is better.

You can see the details.

Especially in food.

You can almost taste the melted butter. You can see the transition from bright yellow to just being delectable, carb-filled NY bagel dough.

Black sesame seeds that are sprinkled on the sauteed vegetables in just the right mix, to add a pop of contrast to the greens, oranges, reds and the grains of rice.

Flexible, soft, sweet and salty caramel, oozing down the side of a dark chocolate, brownie and onto the just barely melting vanilla bean ice cream.

Thick, red, drippy lines – beautiful legs on this glass of Cabernet from the coast of California – or, (maybe and) the bubbles in a clear, light straw, colored glass of Prosecco ready to tickle your nose.

Drops of water, on freshly picked, rinsed, local tomatoes – in every burst of reds, oranges and warm umber yellows – POP! MMmmmm…

As you can imagine, I had a good day of eating. A little closer to gourmet, a lot closer to delicious – food photography has nothing on real life…but it can definitely make you hungry; and that is exactly why they spend so much time getting it right.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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