A Cold Start

I think it is easy to relate to a car on a cold winter morning, having trouble with a cold start…especially an older model, one that needs the time it takes to get warmed up, and to get going.  

People can (probably) relate to this because we don’t want to go out in the cold weather either. 

Just like it takes us (humans) time to gather our thoughts… especially when you are trying to shift gears quickly. 

  • Work.
  • Home.
  • Personal life.
  • School.
  • Speaking clearly, succinctly to professional services (professionals) – you know, the folks who support you in your life in ways you can’t on your own.

January seems like the perfect time for this slow down, or slower to ramp up problem, to happen – either in our careers or in our every day life; or maybe in both.

While we may have taken some amount of time off for the holidays, we aren’t starting from scratch. We certainly were not 100% free and clear from or normal life.

  • Not from those who interact with us.
  • Not from Social media.
  • Not from our families.
  • Not from our friends.

Well, not unless you went to a foreign country, a remote part of the US or on a cruise with no internet access. 

Does that place even exist anymore? 

Maybe it is just feeling – right now – just feeling like it is a cold start due to the weather. Maybe it is the mid-month cycle of bills coming in from the holidays (did we really spend that much on dining out last month?) Maybe it is just the way humans feel with the new year…because of the concept of starting over. The mere idea that you must have a fresh start. You want to be able to make the most of it. Not waste a single opportunity and making a mistake. That said, while it may take us a while to warm up, once we do baby – look out – there will be no stopping us then.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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